Student Registration

Free off-campus Bible education program for students. Classes will meet once a week for 22 weeks, on a weekday morning during PE or another non-core class time.

Released Time Bible Education (RTBE) is a time set aside during non-core class time at your student’s school. Students, with written parental/guardian permission, will be escorted off campus to study the Bible. We return the students to their home school in time for their next class; student participation is voluntary with parental permission.

The curriculum includes Biblical principles, character studies and major events of the Bible. It emphasizes a student’s relationship to God, self, and others. The program teaches skills to help young people read, understand and memorize parts of the Bible for themselves. This is a non-denominational program that has operated in Richmond County since 2003.

RTBE is legal; the US Supreme Court declared it legal in 1952, legally supporting a parent’s right to allow their student to participate in Bible instruction during the school day. In 1998, the GA General Assembly passed Resolution #875 commending and encouraging Released Time within the state. Over 900 students in Richmond County took this class in 2019-20. The Richmond County School District does not endorse or oppose this program in any way, and is accommodating the wishes of parents that want to take advantage of this educational opportunity.

Together we can give our youth additional exposure to Biblical principles that will strengthen the good moral character and the foundation families have instilled in their students. We currently have a limited number of spaces, and students will be enrolled based on “first come first serve”. We hope your student can join us!

To register, use this form or request a registration form from the email address below, website below, or from your school’s front office. Please return the completed one-page form in the attached postage paid envelope. Registration is also available online (

“I am very appreciative of this program being offered to my child. This has been her second year in this wonderful program. She has learned a lot that will last a lifetime.” -CJ (Parent of RTBE student)


Include your initials and date.
I will notify the RT teacher if phone numbers change. Otherwise, if the RT teacher has no working contact number; I realize that my child may be dismissed from RT for safety reasons.
Please type you name, initials, and the date. I give permission for my child to participate in entrance and exit evaluation surveys, and give CLCA permission to use pictures of my child, including the use of any printed matter in conjunction therewith. I give permission for “follow up” with my child after the conclusion of RTBE. I understand that this program is not endorsed or opposed by the Richmond County Department of Education, or by the school where the program is offered. The choice to participate in this class is entirely up to the parent or guardian. I understand that this is a voluntary attendance class of Bible education, which will include Bible study (Old and New Testaments) and how the principles presented here affect the student’s life in current times. I understand that my child will be subject to the Rules of Student Conduct required by the CLCA and in respect of the Richmond County school system. PLEASE NOTE: Disruption of class could mean repeal of the opportunity to attend.


If you would prefer to download the registration form and submit it at a later date, either at your child’s school or via, then please click on the following link: