Student Code of Conduct

Did you know we have a student code of conduct?

The first thing a teacher must have to be able to teach students is order in the classroom, and order is essential in the Released Time Bible Education (RTBE) program. Students who are registered for RTBE classes must conduct themselves according to the “Seven Rules of Student Conduct” (below). The student must be willing to learn the lessons presented by RTBE staff without distracting other students from their learning activities; cooperation supports all students’ ability to learn.

“Seven Rules of Student Conduct”, guidelines for the student’s behavior:

  1. Obey my Teachers
  2. Be on time and well behaved for transport
  3. Talk only when I have raised my hand and been given permission
  4. Show respect for others and their property
  5. Cause no distractions
  6. Come to class with a good attitude, ready to learn
  7. Be a good sport when others besides me answer questions

Guidelines are posted in each classroom. If the rules are followed by all students, then each one will be able to learn. If a student does not follow these rules, the student will be instructed on proper behavior in order to prevent any further problems. Should the student continue to break these rules, you (parent / guardian) will be contacted to ask for your support. If the student continues to disrupt the class after conferring with the parent, then the student may be withdrawn from the program.

Please take some time with your child to explain the conduct we expect. We ask for your support as we teach your child God’s word, His laws and His love. These are principles that will be a blessing to them throughout all their lives. Your help is needed and is important to your child’s education. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to teach your child from the Word of God and are looking forward to this school year with them!

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